January 14, 2015

Willy DeVille Collected 3CD release feb 2015

Onderstaand is een gedeelte van de memoires geschreven door Kenny Margolis, toetsenist bij Mink DeVille en The Mink DeVille band van 1979 tot 2008.
Het is zijn ooggetuigeverslag van hoe Willy en de legendarische songwriter Doc Pomus in Doc’s appartement in New York samen het nummer Just To Walk That Little Girl Home schrijven.
Het complete verhaal is terug te vinden in het booklet van de volgende maand - vanuit Universal Music Legends - te verschijnen 3CD Willy DeVille Collected. Het booklet bevat een tiental andere memoires, allemaal exclusief geschreven voor deze release en door de mensen die in de loop der jaren met Willy hebben gewerkt, waaronder veel oude bandleden.
Just To Walk That Little Girl Home
"Willy had the chorus, but no verses to the song that would become “Just To Walk That Little Girl Home.” Willy brought his acoustic Gibson. Doc sat next to Willy, separated by a small table and I sat facing them behind Doc’s Wurlitzer electric piano. It was fascinating to watch Willy and the master lyricist work."
"Doc loved Willy’s chorus lyric and melody which had a Latin sway that reminded Doc of a Ben E. King type song. Doc said it was important to tell a story, so he suggested the singer should be in a place where he sees a girl who has the singer immediately love struck. Doc suggested that place can be a cafe. Willy liked this idea. “How about Roberto’s Café?” Willy wasn’t impressed with this suggestion. “Naahh. Not such a specific name.” Doc thought for a few minutes and wrote in his notebook. “Willy, I got it,” Doc announced excitedly, and he recited what would become the first lyric of the song. “Its closing time in this nowhere café.”
"Willy loved Doc’s words and the mood evoked by the lyrics. Doc then went on to describe the situation in which the girl was with a guy who seemed to know her “more than just casually.” Willy’s chorus lyric, “but there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do,” then emphatically “No there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do. No there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do just to walk that little girl home. Just to walk that…mmm just to walk that little girl home,” had a pleading urgency. Doc then went on to describe the girl from the singer’s view in more detail. “Her flashing smile. Her searching eyes are a promise it seems of having all of my dreams finally realized.” [source: Universal Music Legends]

December 7, 2014

We wishing you Merry Christmas & a Happy 2015

Just like in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 we wishing you Merry Christmas & a Happy 2015. With a lot of great DeVille music, vids & memories!

WdV picture by: Berbera van den Hoek [berbera.nl] at Willy DeVille's last concert in The Netherlands at Carré, Amsterdam July 7th 2008.

November 28, 2014

Willy w/ the early Mink DeVille band in 1978

Two great pics of Willy with the early Mink DeVille band in 1978: 

Mink DeVille at the Winterland Arena in San Francisco 1978.
© Bob Hakins - Old Man With a Camera 

Buffalo, New York, US 1978
© Maurice Narcis

DeVille-fan Michael said about this photo nd period:
"I saw him perform before a small crowd in Philadelphia at the Ritz on South Street during that time period. He had this hot Mediterranean-looking girlfriend wearing a short black dress with spaghetti straps with a spider tattoo on the back of her right shoulder. She walked out onstage in the middle of the show, whispered in Willy's ear and they walked offstage briefly for what assumed, given the venue and the time period, was a drug break".

October 15, 2014

Famous Willy DeVille pics - Dirk Schelpmeier

© Dirk Schelpmeier - rock 'n' roll snapshots
Published by bilderrausch.net | Supported by Fuego | All rights reserved.

Dirk Schelpmeier kam während seines Grafikdesign-Studiums an der FH-Bielefeld mit der Fotografie in Berührung. Für den Sänger, Gitarristen und Songwriter Schelpmeier stellte sich die Musik-Fotografie als das ideale Medium heraus um seine beiden Leidenschaften, das Musikalische und das Visuelle, miteinander zu verbinden. Seine Diplomarbeit war dann auch folgerichtig ein CD-Cover für die Trompetenlegende Benny Bailey, was wiederum der Anfang einer Zusammenarbeit mit dem Jazzlabel Laika darstellte. Für Laika entwarf und fotografierte er bis '97 zahlreiche Cover. Zwar arbeitet Schelpmeier mittlerweile mehr für Pop-und Rockbands doch besteht aus der Laika-Zeit noch immer eine innige Beziehung zu Jazz- und Bluesmusik, die sich u. a. in der fotografischen Dokumentation der Detmolder Jazznächte und Bluesfeste ausdrückt. Seine Bilder sind auf über 50 CD Covern erschienen und in nahezu allen nationalen Zeitungen und Magazinen.

September 29, 2014

Mink Deville - Live At Rockpalast (2CD & DVD Set) release: October 27, 2014.

TWO ‘LIVE AT ROCKPALAST’ PERFORMANCES: WDR Studio-L, Köln, Germany, 16th June, 1978 & ‘Rocknacht’ at the Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, 17th-18thJune, 1981. TOTAL OVER 2 HOURS 20 MINUTES OF FILM FOOTAGE.RESTORED CONCERT PERFORMANCE on REGION FREE NTSC DVD: (Audio selection of Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound). REMASTERED STEREO SOUNDTRACK CDs

This title will be released on October 27, 2014.

Product details:
Live At Rockpalast (2CD & DVD Set) Box set, CD+DVD
Mink Deville (Artist)
Format: Audio 2CD & DVD Set.
Audio CD (27 Oct 2014)
Number of Discs: 3 (Duration: approx.1 hour)
Format: Box set, CD+DVD
Label: Repertoire Records
Price: £24.99 & FREE Delivery in the UK.
Pre-order now. Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.

Live at Rockpalast (1978 & 1981)

ROCKPALAST is a legendary ‘live’ music TV show hosted in Germany by the WDR channel. It first broadcast in 1974 and has become a pan-European television institution. It has its own fan club and online forum, and in almost four decades, it has become a trademark of quality viewing and listening.

Discovered at the legendary CBGB’s club in New York, Mink DeVille was always most popular in Europe.
Fronted by the charismatic singer, guitarist and songwriter Willy DeVille, US new wave band Mink DeVille are best known for their 1977 UK Top 20 smash hit ‘Spanish Stroll’.

This release combines Rockpalast shows in Cologne (1978) and Essen (1981), played by two completely different line-ups. The first showcases material from acclaimed album ‘Return To Magenta’; the second show features material from ‘Coup De Grace’, their fourth album, which was produced by Neil Young associate Jack Nitzsche.

Willy DeVille – who interrupted his US tour for a week to play 1981’s important European televised concert – had been struck down by flu at rehearsal, but he fought this and an indifferent audience (in a long 4-act bill, headlined by Roger Chapman & The Shortlist) to deliver a memorable performance.

Boz Scaggs recently paid tribute to DeVille, who died of cancer in 2009, with re-workings of ‘Mixed Up Shook Up Girl’ and ‘Cadillac Walk’ (both performed by Mink DeVille here on the 1978 show). Expertly restored and remastered. Superb vision, outstanding sound. The best in the business!

MINK DEVILLE - Live at Rockpalast (1978 & 1981)
Track listings

MINK DE VILLE – Live at Rockpalast (Rocknacht)
Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, 17-18th October, 1981

01. Intro
02. Harlem Nocturne
03. Slow Drain
04. Savoir Faire
005. Cadillac Walk
06. Mixed Up Shook Up Girl
07. Just Your Friends
08. Can’t Do Without It
09. Love And Emotions
10. Love Me Like You Did Before
11. She’s So Tough
12. You Better Move On
13. Teardrops Must Fall
14. Steady Drivin’ Man
15. Just Gives Me One Good Reason
16. Maybe Tomorrow
17. This Must Be The Night
18. Spanish Stroll
19. Lipstick Traces
20. Mazurka
(Duration: approx.1 hour)

MINK DE VILLE – Live at Rockpalast
WDR Studio-L Köln, Germany, 16th June, 1978

01. Venus Of Avenue D.
02. Gunslinger
03. Spanish Stroll
04. Mixed Up Shook Up Girl
05. Just Your Friends
06. Guardian Angel
07. Cadillac Walk
08. She’s So Tough
09. Steady Drivin’ Man
10. Soul Twist
11. Just You ‘n’ Me
12. Shadows In The Night
13. Just Your Friends (second version)
14. Cadillac Walk (second version)

MINK DE VILLE – Live at Rockpalast (Rocknacht)
Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, 17-18th October, 1981

01. Harlem Nocturne
02. Slow Drain
03. Savoir Faire
04. Cadillac Walk
05. Mixed Up Shook Up Girl
06. Just Your Friends
07. Can’t Do Without It
08. Love And Emotions
09. Love Me Like You Did Before
10. She’s So Tough
11. You Better Move On
12. Teardrops Must Fall
13. Steady Drivin’ Man
14. Just Gives Me One Good Reason
15. Maybe Tomorrow
16. This Must Be The Night
17. Spanish Stroll
18. Lipstick Traces
19. Mazurka

August 25, 2014

Former DeVille guitarists activities

THE MARK NEWMAN BAND returns to Kj Farrells for the Original Music Series along with the Johnny Mac Band and Pops Rizzo & the Bra-jole Bros. - TUE. 8/26.
Naomi Margolin - guitar, vocal
Shawn Murray - drums, vocal
Craig Privett - bass
Raymond Hauck - percussion
Special guest: Andrew Cohen - guitar

“Newman can play just about anything with frets and strings (guitar, Dobro, lap steel, mandolin). This mix of first-class originals (“Medicine Marie”) and eclectic covers (“Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl,” “White Bird”) proves he’s at the head of the class.” Vintage Guitar


OCTOBER 31st...HALLOWEEN...(905) 435-1111
926 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, ON, Canada L1G 4W2



Official website! Have a look around…
If you scroll down, you can find a Soundcloud player to listen to all the songs from the new record, “The Steve Conte NYC Album” and check out some merch!

The Underground Garage Album of the Month: Steve Conte - NYC
The album has been in heavy rotation all summer with 5 songs added to the playlist including ”Rock and Rye Queen “, ” Dark In The Spotlight “, ”Anytime At All Times ” "Lady Luck”, and former Coolest Song in the World this Week "OK DJ"

“Steve, this is great stuff. Love “Tax Free”. Hope we cross paths again some time.”
- Louis X. Erlanger (Mink DeVille)


August 9, 2014

Willy DeVille - Alive in Holland 1996

Willy DeVille - Alive in Holland, is al Dutch TV documentary with a Willy DeVille interview and live footage of the Vredenburg concert in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Feb. 22nd 1996. It was broad casted in the VPRO program Lola de Musica, later that year. It's a great document containing a nice interview with a relaxed Willy (with his then-wife/manager, the late Lisa Leggett) and songs like 'Lilly's Daddy's Cadillac', 'Running Through The Jungle', 'Savoir Fair', 'No Such Pain as Love', 'Steady Drivin' Man' and 'Walking the Dixie'.

As an online reporter and weblog editor of this Willy DeVille International Fans blog, I was asked in June 2014 by Dutch National Radio 6 for the item  'The Concert, The Story' by Mijke en Co Live! (NTR).  Of course it had to be a concert I had visited and the broadcast company NTR had to have soundboard recordings of it in their archives (legal stuff). With the radio editor I decided to choose two tracks (see the videos) from this Dutch TV documentary 'Willy DeVille - Live in Holland'. I chose the ballad "No Such Pain as Love", written by Willy DeVille, a rare country music tune offering by him. And the up-tempo song "Steady Drivin' Man" (Written-By – Willy DeVille), that became a favorite of many Willy DeVille fans; DeVille performed the song also on his Acoustic Trio Live in Berlin 25 years (!) after the original recording. So he was very proud of these songs, and many fans appreciate – with many others – these songs.

August 7th (5 years and 1 day after Willy died) we were ready and set to go! But... it was called off shortly before the live radio show started. 'The heirs' objected to play these songs on National Radio! I didn't (and still don't!) understand it?! Willy's music is not often heard on the national radio, and if there is a chance, heirs/management (or whatever they call themselves) do not allow it. And that's a shame because Willy's music deserves to be heard by many listeners. For ever and ever, heart and soul!

Willy DeVille (†August 6, 2009) w/his wife/manager Lisa (†2001)
Hamburg, Germany, March 13, 1988

Willy DeVille Band – line-up Feb. 21st  1996: de Doelen Rotterdam and Feb 22nd Vredenburg Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Willy DeVille, guitar, vocals, harmonica
Freddy Koëlla, guitar, violin, mandolin
Boris Kinberg, percussion
Seth Farber, keyboards, accordion
Shawn Murray, drums
Mario Cruz, saxophone, tambourine
David Keyes, bass guitar
Dorene Wise, vocals
Yadonna Wise, vocals

August 5, 2014

Willy DeVille - Aug 25th 1950 - Aug 6th 2009

In sweet memory of Willy DeVille - Heaven Stood Still For Five Years

Willy DeVille - Heaven Stood Still
[Acoustic Trio unplugged in Berlin 2002]

August 6 has been declared DeVille International Outfit Day.
To honor Willy 'Mink' DeVille wear that day a DeVille outfit or T-shirt!
Make a picture of it and share it on your Facebook page or any other social media.
Got style, Got taste, Got savoir faire!

6 augustus is uitgeroepen tot DeVille International Outfit Day.
Draag die dag om Willy DeVille te eren een DeVille outfit of T-shirt.
Maak er vervolgens een foto van en deel die op je Facebook pagina of andere sociale media. Got style, Got taste, Got savoir faire!

6. August ist DeVille internationalen Outfit Tag erklärt worden.
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July 24, 2014

DeVille Fans @ social media

Sometimes it's nice to see how Social Media works positively! DeVille fan/photographer Wolfgang Gurster posted some Willy DeVille concert pictures of the Ensisheim/France gig (Feb 13th 1991) at his Facebook page and in Willy DeVille Video's FB page. And Eddie Manion tweeted these pics!

Eddie 'Kingfish' Manion was saxophonist in the Willy DeVille Band in the early nineties. After that he played with Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes and and he currently plays with Bruce Springsteen's E Streetband.

More nice pictures of Wolfgang Gürster at www.rock-shot.com

July 7, 2014

Remember: Last Willy DeVille concert in Holland July 7th 2008 [Dutch]

Ontspannen Willy DeVille vermaakt Carré met uitstekend optreden

Door Serge Julien met foto's van Berbera van den Hoek [cultuurpodium.nl] Gezien: Willy DeVille in Carré, Amsterdam op 7 juli 2008 [laatste optreden van Willy in Nederland].

Willy DeVille in Carre? Hoort deze man niet thuis in het clubcircuit? Het is even raar maar tijdens het optreden wordt al gauw duidelijk dat DeVille prima uit de voeten kan op een podium als dat van Carre. The Alternative heeft de legendarische man naar Nederland gehaald voor een optreden in het legendarische theater aan de Amstel.

DeVille heeft een nieuwe plaat uit getiteld Pistola dat voortborduurt op het beproefde concept van een mix tussen latin, blues, country en rock. Vaak ademt het de broeierige sfeer van de New Orleans sound wat niet zo raar is gezien DeVille daar woont.

In Carre betreedt DeVille iets na negenen het podium nadat een intro is gespeeld waarin Watermelon Man voorbij komt. Hij ziet er redelijk goed en als gewoonlijk gaat de voormalige frontman van Mink DeVille gekleed in een voodooachtige zwart wit outfit en een hippie brilletje op zijn neus. Hij zit met regelmaat op zijn barkruk, sippend aan een frisje hoewel er later iets sterkers voor hem klaarstaat. Zijn de bezoekers genoodzaakt om bij behoefte aan een sigaret zich te begeven naar het buitenbalkon van Carre, DeVille steekt op het podium de een na de andere sigaret op… hoezo anti-rookbeleid?

DeVille en diens zeven uitstekende begeleiders spelen een afwisselende set van recent en ouder werk. Er wordt opvallend weinig gedaan van zijn laatste CD waarvan alleen een mooi You Got The World In Your Hands en So So Real worden gespeeld. Zijn voorgaande album Crow Jane Alley is vertegenwoordigd met het aanstekelijke Chieva en een broeierig Muddy Waters Rose Out Of The Missippi Mud.

Man’s humeur kan heel wisselend zijn maar in Carre is hij op zijn gemak en spraakzaam en in voor dolletjes. Met zijn rokerige en rauwe stem reageert hij op het aanvankelijk wat rustige in het rode pluche zittende publiek: “This place looks like a library”. White Trash Girl introduceert hij met: ”This is one of the best songs I ever wrote, very dumb, very simple but very good”. Grappend naar het anti-rookbeleid: “Don’t put your cigarettes out in the seats”. En als altijd dolt hij met zijn vaste roadie die hem van alles voorziet. DeVille lijkt een aardig stukje entertainment te kunnen opvoeren en het publiek geniet er zichtbaar van.

Naast de relaxte interactieve benadering van DeVille is er ook plaats voor de publiekfavorieten als het onvermijdbare Spanish Stroll, Demasiado Corazon, Hey Joe en Savoir Faire. DeVille speelt afwisselend akoestisch en elektrisch en klinkt daarin zuiver. Een pluspunt ook voor Carre dat bekend staat om een uitstekende akoestiek.

Willy DeVille geeft het publiek een uitstekend afwisselend ongeveer twee durend optreden waarin duidelijk wordt dat man’s liedjes uitstekend passen in een theater setting. Hulde aan de Alternative!

De band
Willy DeVille – zang en gitaar
Kenny Margolis – toetsen en cajun-harmonica
Boris Kinberg - percussie
Mark Newman – gitaar
Bob Curiano – bas
Shawn Murray - drums
Dorene Wise – achtergrond zang
YaDonna Wise – achtergrond zang

Lees ook: Willy DeVille in Carré Amsterdam 07/07/2008