November 13, 2007

Willy DeVille Face Culture Interview

FaceCulture spoke to American singer-songwriter Willy DeVille about the good and bad in people, common sense, ego's, learning from children, society, changes, turning from bad to good, 20 years of dope, friends, precious life, funerals, second sight, his grandmother, reading crystal balls, his metal hip, his car accident, sacred stuff, his latest album, getting better and Louie Louie!! And hey, he even likes the interviewer. (06/07/2006)

>> Watch here the seven interview video's.

Another (written) interview by author Richard Marcus with Willy — Published: May 14, 2006 - you can read here:

>> Interview: Willy DeVille Part One
>> Interview: Willy DeVille Part Two

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