August 27, 2010

Mink DeVille in the early days [1978]

Spring/summer 1978 Mink DeVille toured the U.S.A. with Elvis Costello (Declan McManus) and Rockpile (w/ Nick Low). Funny coincidence; Willy (1950) and Elvis (1955) both are born at August 25th. Willy came along at a time when the NY Punk scene was happening, but his music really didn't fit that mold. He was unique and a talented soulful artist with a much wider range of styles, a genre of his own. His label Capitol Records didn't know how to promote him in the US, he just didn't fit in. In Europe Willy was simply accepted for who he really was. Although in the late 70's Boston best radio station WBCN used to play Mink DeVille music a lot, they had some very good program directors back then! That's why the vinyl single 'Spanish Stroll' became a smash hit... at least for the fanatic Minkers ;-)

Found some gig dates and memorabilia (ticket, photos, posters, cover) in the the archives. The Mink DeVille Chicago Aragon concert 1978-04-21 was taped on audio cassette and available as a rare bootleg. An incomplete concert list:

Concert 1978-04-21 Chicago Aragon
Concert 1978-05-04 Boston
Concert 1978-05-05 Passaic
Concert 1978-05-24 Houston
Concert 1978-06-06 San Jose
Concert 1978-06-07 San Francisco
Concert 1878-07-20 Boston Paradise

Concert 1978-04-21 Chicago, IL. Venue Aragon Ballroom. Setlist: Venus Of Avenue D • Gunslinger • Steady Drivin' Man • Just Your Friends • Desperate Days • Guardian Angel • "A" Train Lady • Cadillac Walk • Spanish Stroll • Soul Twist.


Mink DeVille - Venus of Avenue D (live). A slide-show created from photos taken during a performance by Mink Deville at the Paradise in Boston Massachusetts, July 20th 1978, and featuring audio from the show broadcast on WBCN.

And a slide show created from photos taken during a performance by Mink DeVille at The Paradise in Boston, MA, July 20th 1978 with audio of 'Mixed-Up Shook-Up Girl' by Mink DeVille, taken from the 'Cabretta' LP.

And ofcourse 'Spanish Stroll' (1978), the first 'hit' single... according to early Minkers.
"Finger on your eyebrow. And left hand on your hip!"

And - what a surprise - 'Spanish Stroll' live at the Comden Electric Ballroom in London UK 1978-07-29 by the late and great Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) and the Greedies (w/ Gary Moore, Scott Gorham, Steve Jones, Chris Spedding). Chris Spedding also played guitar with Willy DeVille by occasion. This is a harder-edged, but lyrically-challenged version of Spanish Stroll sung by Lynott [just audio]. Awesome stuff!

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