September 28, 2010

Mink DeVille - Pinkpop festival The Netherlands 1982

Festival date: May 31, 1982
Broadcast date: 1982-11-13 Dutch TV KRO
Acts: Doe Maar, Au Pairs, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, Y&T, Saga, Mink Deville, ZZ Top.
Location: Burg. Damensportpark Geleen The Netherlands
Tickets: 37,50 gilders (pre-sale Fl. 30,00)
Weather: sunny and hot
Spectators: 30.000
Presentation: John Peel

The 13th Pinkpop festival attracts 30,000 spectators, it was 18,000 spectators less than the previous year. The reason according to the organizers for this remarkable decline was the competition of three Rolling Stones concerts in The Netherlands. A large percentage of schoolchildren could not afford two expensive concerts in a row. But the much lower interest in a festival like the Lochem festival shows that there exists a general phenomenon. It seems that in any event, this form of cultural scale has had its day. And they all had their own explanation. Some 'part-time medicine men' claimed that the fact that this thirteenth (13th!) Pinkpop Festival was undoubtedly the cause. Pinkpop 1982, the festival has become a sunbathers festival and an intense sweaty Willy DeVille on stage. But with a steamin' hot Mink DeVille gig! Tropical temperatures and significantly fewer spectators than in previous years were ideal conditions for the festival grounds to make a large sunny beach and enjoy the music. The organization meant the decline in number of spectators, however, a financial shortfall of over half a million Dutch gilders.

Mink DeVille line-up: Willy DeVille (vocals); Joey Vasta (bass); Kenny Margolis (keys); Tommy Price (drums); Louis Cortelezzi (sax); Paul James (guitar)

Probable Mink DeVille setlist: Harlem Nocturne; Slow Drain; Savoir Faire; Cadillac Walk; She's So Though; Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl; Love And Emotion; Can't Do Without You; You Better Move On; Just Your Friends; Maybe Tomorrow; This Must Be The Night; Teardrops Must Fall; Love Me Like You Did Before; Spanish Stroll; Lipstick Traces; Yeah, Yeah; Stand By Me.

Love & Emotion – Pinkpop Netherlands 1982-05-31

Lipstick Traces – Pinkpop Netherlands 1982-05-31

Taken from the DVD TV Appearances Vol.7
Thanks to the person who made it possible to digitize this material and to Aggie who made these nice video's.

Willy DeVille & Band: Pinkpop revisited at Pinkpop Classic festival August 11th 2007.

Photo: All rights reserved by NUfoto
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  1. I was there, he was fabulous and so was the band.


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