September 22, 2010

The Wild Magnolias - New Suit [Italian Shoes]

"Italian Shoes" by Mink Deville is a cover of The Wild Magnolias's "New Suit".
Listen to and see both songs...

Mink Deville
Italian Shoes
Sportin' Life
Polydor 1985

The Wild Magnolias
New Suit
They Call Us Wild
Mardi Gras 1975


  1. I had my 12 year old turn away from the computer screen so she could not see it. Said, "I'd like your thoughts on this song" and played the Wild Magnolias version. After less than a minute she said, "Willy DeVille took that song and reworked it into 'Italian Shoes'." Pretty impressive for a 12 year old!!

    Thanks very much for posting it. Great find!!!

  2. Willy was an alchemist. He transformed songs like this one and The Turban's "When You Dance" into polished gems. Listen to "When You Walk My Way" from Sportin' Life, after listening to The Turbans and you'll see what I mean.
    He wrote many original songs, but he had great taste in what he borrowed from, and made "Italian shoes" from "new suits", and that's for sure:)
    Ellen Joy


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