October 11, 2010

Mink DeVille at Torhout/Werchter 1980 & 1982

twRock Werchter Belgium, July 6, 1980 [photo's: Philippe Carly]

Rock Werchter is an annual music festival in the village of Werchter in Belgium since 1974. The 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007 festivals received the Arthur award for best festival in the world at International Live Music Conference (ILMC). Since 2003 the Werchter has become a 4-day festival, as it was sold by owner Herman Schueremans to American organizers Live Nation.

The festival started in 1974 as a one-day festival with performances from Banzai and Kandahar. Over the years it became Belgium's largest music festival. Originally it was a double-festival, called "Torhout-Werchter", with two festival areas on different places in Belgium: one in Werchter and one in Torhout. In 1999, the festival dropped the Torhout site and since, it only takes place in Werchter. The festival started off as a one-day event, became a two-day festival in 1996, went on to become a 3-day festival in 1999, and has been a 4-day festival since 2003.

1980 Festival Performers included: Jo Lemaire & Flouze - Kevin Ayers - The Blues Band - Mink DeVille - Fischer-Z - The Specials - The Kinks

1982 Festival Performers included: Allez Allez - The Members - U2 - Steve Miller Band - Mink DeVille - Tom Tom Club - Talking Heads - Jackson Browne (Torhout 24.000 visitors; Werchter 40.000 visitors)

1981 - V/A - Humo presents Torhout/Werchter 1977-1981 - Promo LP + 7" - Ariola
[Mink DeVille - Just To Walk That Little Girl Home]

1997 - V/A - Torhout Werchter 21 - CD Polygram TV
[Mink DeVille - Each Word's a Beat of My Heart]


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