November 18, 2010

More DeVille audio cd's! [JAG Box®/Dead End Productions]

~ "FEU... CE SOIR" ~

More Willy 'Mink' DeVille audio bootlegs coming up!
The first series are the "feu... ce soir" Chansons du Maitre boxes with club recordings in France, Belgium, Swiss and Italy. A JAG Box®/Dead End Production. The first gem will be shared at Dimeadozen from November 17th 2010 soon followed by much more! Share the music of Willy 'Mink' DeVille and don't keep it under the radar!

All audience recordings (B)

- These hasn't been in circulation before, as far as we know
- Thanks to the taper
- Thanks to the guy who gave the opportunity to digitalize these items
- Thanks for the G-design cover artwork
- Most of all: thanks to Willy for all his beautiful music!

JAG Box®/Dead End Productions is a cooperation of: Jaap, Gerrit, Giel, Ane, Aggie, Benno, Nick, Aart, Gerus, Jan v. O and Ineke.

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    Sólo se puede descargar. Son regularmente en:

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