August 29, 2011

CD box 'Terug Naar Lochem' [Back To Lochem]

Catch A Fire Limited will release in September 2011 a 5 disc CD called: 'Terug Naar Lochem' [Back To Lochem]. Five albums by Various Artists between 1968 and 1986 at the famous festival in Lochem The Netherlands.

In 1968 the first outdoor event held in Lochem Gelderland, 'Pilgrimage' was the first version of the Lochem Festival which in 1986 ceased to exist. Mink DeVille, played on May 31, 1984 at the Lochem Festival. The song 'Love and Emotion' (live) will be on disc2 (pop) of this box. That year also occurred: Bo Diddley, The Jack Bruce Band, Clint Eastwood & General Saint and the Dutch bands CCC Inc. and Waanzin.

Not yet out - but already a copy to reserve at
(Album) | 5 discs | Catch A Fire | Available September 22, 2011 | Soundcloud

Read also: Mink DeVille - Pinkpop Festival 1982 The Netherlands

This Mink DeVille audio recording 'Soul & Romance' is also from May 1984.


  1. And don't forget the Frisian Blues group Art.461/Canyon performed there in the late 60's.........


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