August 7, 2011

Time to honour Willy DeVille

It's time to honour Willy DeVille by uploading a concert that hasn't been circulating before (as far as we know). Aug. 6th it was two years ago now when Willy passed away, but his music lives on for ever!

Now on Dime: Mink DeVille Alkmaar Pop 1978-06-17

01. Gunslinger
02. Spanish Stroll
03. Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl
04. Just Your Friends
05. Cadillac Walk (spec)
06. She's So Tough
07. Steady Drivin' Man
08. Soul twist
09. Just You And Me Darling
10. I'm Footless (Minkie's 13th)

Artwork included (thanks to Gillespy).

- Thanks to the taper
- Thanks to the guy who gave the opportunity to digitalize this item
- Thanks to Willy for all his beautiful music

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