September 2, 2011

2nd Annual DeVille Memorial pic/vid reviews

Anne Raso: `I had a great time. Great to see Louie, Ruben, Bobby and Manfred back together and then of course, Willy's more recent bands played in different configurations.' More pics by Anne Raso. Thanks a lot Anne!

Joseph Vasta: 'We had a great time, thanks to David Keys. This would have never happen, he's the gas for the engine here! So I thank David for all hes done plus his wife too, what a doll. Love to the minkers!! Thanks for being there all those years, hope you are doing fine. Be good.' - Joey V jr -

Muddy Waters Rose Out of the Mississippi Mud

Mixed Up Shook Up Girl

thanks to Miraklwkr

Storybook Love

thanks to Anne241

Willy DeVille Memorial Concert - Aug 31 NYC

Louie X. Erlanger
Ricky Borgia
Mark Newman

Bobby Leonard
Ken Margolis
Darin Brown

Crispin Cioe
David Leathers

Ruben Siguenza
Joey Vasta
Bob Curiano
David J Keyes

Drums and Percussion:
Shawn Murray
Boris Kinberg
Manfred Allen

And here is the original Mink...

...Steady Drivin' Man - MINK DE VILLE - WDR Studio-L Köln 16.06.1978


  1. thank you very very much.

    Le Chat Mort

  2. Let's not forget the incredible Manfred Allen on drums.

  3. You are SO right Louie! I gues the NYC0831 line-up is complete now. Let's print new posters! ;-)

  4. it's hard to go see Mink DeVille without Willy, last year it was almost impossible, I kept telling my friend marieangela come on lets go and not see Willy, Willy was a friend and my FAVORITE singer ever,last year I sat down at BB Kings and cried when the band began to play, this year I was SO happy the band was still there representing WILLY, when all is said and done this is GREAT, SOULFUL, HEARTFELT, SEXY, REAL MUSIC and we have to keep pushing and keeping Willy and his music both original and interpretive ALIVE...thank you everyone who's out there doing it and most of all thank you to ALL of the musicians who came together last year and this year it's a BIG F---IN DEAL! love you all.


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