September 21, 2011

Willy DeVille - Unplugged in Berlin 2002 [2011 release]


cover photo © Diethard Küster | MEYER RECORDS no 176 (CD), no 177
(Audiophile 2 LP – 180g Vinyl)

Unplugged in Berlin is the name of an acoustic trio performance by Willy DeVille.
For years it’s been available in bootleg quality only, but now the Cologne label MEYER RECORDS is rereleasing the recording professionally. Mr. Heart & Soul has seldom sounded so poised and soulful – a master at his very best. The lineup of instruments nearly defines the performance’s subsequent character. Grand piano, upright bass, dobro, acoustic and electric guitars provide an intimate setting and frame Willy DeVille’s unforgettable voice just right. Willy needs nothing else. Another good thing about this recording is that it gives this deep and highly emotional musician plenty of space to tell his stories. Willy has always been a good story-teller, but during this concert, performed in Berlin, he was unusually chatty. Almost every song has its own anecdote. The record producers were smart enough to leave room for these, and this lends the recording a unique quality. Unplugged in Berlin shows us ‘Another side of Willy DeVille’ and the right way to preserve an absolutely gorgeous performance.

01. Betty And Dupree
02. It's Too Late She's Gone
03. Spanish Harlem
04. Trouble In Mind
05. Storybook Love
06. Big Blue Diamond
07. Shake Sugaree
08. Let It Be Me
09. This Is The Way To Make A Broken Heart
10. Introduction Of The Band
11. Hound Dog
12. Junker's Blues
13. You Better Move On
14. Since I Met You Baby
15. I'm Blue So Blue
16. Keep A Knocking - Sea Cruise
17. Shake Rattle And Roll
18. Heaven Stood Still

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Various Artists CD+LP+Download available August 26

cover photo © MEYER ORIGINALS

01. Amy Antin - Friday Night
02. Robert Coyne - My Mind Is Blown
03. Rich Schwab w/ eLa Paul - 501
04. Willy DeVille - Nightfalls rehearsal in New York City 2002
05. Little Red Taxi Girl & The Never Going Homes - Walking Blues
06. Mick Fitzgerald - New Years Day (live)
07. Ileana Florentina Tautu - Ausgeliefert
08. Rich Schwab w/ eLa Paul - See Saw
09. Eric Andersen - Moonchild Riversong (live)
10. Anna Sittler - Pink Elefant
11. Little Red Taxi Girl - Song Of A Lonesome
12. Freddy Koella - For Kenny

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  1. I have long been a fan of Willy DeVille, and must be responsible for at least 300 hits on a YouTube video that seems to have been removed recently. It was Storybook Love from the Berlin concert. Is there a video available of this concert? I'm sad that it's no longer available - anyone know where I might be able to get this....purchase it....?

    Many thanks

    1. I'm sorry I can't help you with answering your question, because I have been wondering the very same thing. I never imagined that would be taken off You Tube and I really REALLY miss being able to watch it again (and again, and again...)

      I sympathize!

  2. I have the EXACT SAME QUESTION!!! Does anyone know where there is a video of the Storybook Love portion of the concert where Willy sang it that is no longer on You Tube?


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