January 14, 2015

Willy DeVille Collected 3CD release feb 2015

Onderstaand is een gedeelte van de memoires geschreven door Kenny Margolis, toetsenist bij Mink DeVille en The Mink DeVille band van 1979 tot 2008.
Het is zijn ooggetuigeverslag van hoe Willy en de legendarische songwriter Doc Pomus in Doc’s appartement in New York samen het nummer Just To Walk That Little Girl Home schrijven.
Het complete verhaal is terug te vinden in het booklet van de volgende maand - vanuit Universal Music Legends - te verschijnen 3CD Willy DeVille Collected. Het booklet bevat een tiental andere memoires, allemaal exclusief geschreven voor deze release en door de mensen die in de loop der jaren met Willy hebben gewerkt, waaronder veel oude bandleden.
Just To Walk That Little Girl Home
"Willy had the chorus, but no verses to the song that would become “Just To Walk That Little Girl Home.” Willy brought his acoustic Gibson. Doc sat next to Willy, separated by a small table and I sat facing them behind Doc’s Wurlitzer electric piano. It was fascinating to watch Willy and the master lyricist work."
"Doc loved Willy’s chorus lyric and melody which had a Latin sway that reminded Doc of a Ben E. King type song. Doc said it was important to tell a story, so he suggested the singer should be in a place where he sees a girl who has the singer immediately love struck. Doc suggested that place can be a cafe. Willy liked this idea. “How about Roberto’s Café?” Willy wasn’t impressed with this suggestion. “Naahh. Not such a specific name.” Doc thought for a few minutes and wrote in his notebook. “Willy, I got it,” Doc announced excitedly, and he recited what would become the first lyric of the song. “Its closing time in this nowhere café.”
"Willy loved Doc’s words and the mood evoked by the lyrics. Doc then went on to describe the situation in which the girl was with a guy who seemed to know her “more than just casually.” Willy’s chorus lyric, “but there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do,” then emphatically “No there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do. No there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do just to walk that little girl home. Just to walk that…mmm just to walk that little girl home,” had a pleading urgency. Doc then went on to describe the girl from the singer’s view in more detail. “Her flashing smile. Her searching eyes are a promise it seems of having all of my dreams finally realized.” [source: Universal Music Legends]

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  1. Willy de Ville c'est toujours l'amour fou! Rolande from Québec


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