January 5, 2016

Famous Willy DeVille pics - Paul Bergen

Paul Bergen (1957)  was born in Delft, The Netherlands and grew up in the village of Pijnacker. He started to photograph as a young man at the North Sea Jazz festival in the Hague and is since then, professional photographer. Despite his statement in 2007: "The Dutch music photographer is a dying breed", he is nowadays still active as a (pop) photographer. He also exhibited his work regularly in recent years. As well as other Dutch photographers such as Patricia Steur, Anton Corbijn, Frans Schellekens, Richard Schroeder and Rob Verhorst, Paul made many live- and portrait photos of Willy DeVille. For example in club Nighttown, Rotterdam, December 1988 and Parkpop The Hague, June 1991. Also well known is his portraitphoto of Willy in Amsterdam, Holland in June 28th 1999 [photos (c) Paul Bergen - GettyImages]

web site: www.paulbergen.nl 
click here to read an interview (2012) with Paul Bergen

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