March 24, 2018

Paul James Rock 'N' Roll memories...


I played guitar in The Mink DeVille Band for their World Tour in 1982...we played two large Festivals in Belgium at Torhout and Werchter... one of the New young bands that went on before us was U2...

Mink DeVille Werchter [YouTube]
U2 Werchter [YouTube]

Q. Max Brand: Hi Paul did Mink Deville opened for the Stones?

A. Paul James: The Stones wanted Mink DeVille to open for them in Paris. Believe it or not, they turned it down because Mink DeVille was very popular in Paris and preferred to do their own show and not open there. We played the Olympia a famous Opera House in Paris for three sold out shows... In Hanover Germany, Toots (Willy's first wife) & Willy DeVille took me with them to hang with The Rolling Stones after our show there. We met them all and ended up partying in Keith Richard room till 10am the next morning!

[Bob Dylan & Paul James 80s - pic: Keith John Correa] 

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