August 10, 2010

Willy DeVille DVD compilation [TV clips & tapes]

Another DVD compilation by art461 to honour our late and great Willy, with rare TV video broadcasts and studio-tapes TV Appearances Vol.4

01. Running Through The Jungle - From studio-tape
02. This Is The Way You Make A Broken Heart-TV 2-French TV 2004
03. Italian Shoes - P.I.T.- German TV
04. Assassins Of Love - From studio tape (the silent encore is great!)
05. I Call Yor Name - From studio-tape 1993
06. Hello My Lover - From studio-tape
07. Maybe Tomorrow - Saturday Night Live 1982
08. Love & Emotion - Saturday Night Live 1982
09. Storybook Love (w/Mark Knopfler) - From studio-tape 1987
10. I Must Be Dreaming-Extra Tour ARD - German TV
11. Love & Emotion-Musikladen ARD - German TV
12. Each Word's Beat Of My Heart - Formel 1 ARD German TV
13. Each Word's Beat Of My Heart - Musikladen ARD German TV
14. Still - Veronica - Dutch TV

PAL dvd VHS - quality: good/excellent!
Most items never been in circulation in this quality.
A Jepp© Production Vol 29. Some dates are not mentioned.

Lineage: various videotapes>>Philps DVDR 7310H>>DVD>>TMPGenc (Pinnacle Studio 14 for the intro)>>you. Source: - [Direct download] Enjoy it!


  1. ||| First of all.. a big THANK YOU to the compiler/uploader, this one sure is rare Jose!! But are Volume 1/2/3 still available? I'd like to have 'm too! So long fellow |||

  2. Hi Ano, (you're allowed usig your name here, no probs ;)

    TV Appearances Vol.1, 2 and 3 has been uploaded @ EzTorrent in the past (08/09) by art416, worthwhile surching for it: (login necessary) or ask around at twitter @devillefans

    WDVF webmaster ~ Just Your Friends ~


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