August 8, 2010

Willy DeVille in Paris 1991 [French TV broadcast]

To remember Willy DeVille, who died a year ago (aug. 6th 2009), art461 uploaded this mini concert from Paris, Jan. 19 1991. This one hasn't been in circulation before. Source: videotape from French broadcast. Venue unknown. Thanks to the guy who gave the opportunity to digitalize this item.

01. This Must Be The Night (fade in)
02. You Better Move On
03. Pick Up The Pieces
04. Bad Boy
05. Maybe Tomorrow
06. Band Introduction
06. Lover Please (a cappella)
07. Every Dog Got His Day

Thanks to Willy for all his beautiful music!

If you have a Dimeadozen account you can download it.
PAL DVD - Ex. quality. A Jepp© Production Vol 28. Lineage: VHS tape-Philips DVDR 7310H-DVD-TMPGenc-(Pinnacle Studio 14 for the intro)-you.

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