February 3, 2012

John Mellencamp covers Mink DeVille [video]

Februari 3th, 2011, John Mellencamp paid tribute to the late, great singer onstage in Lowell, Mass., with a swaggering, swinging cover of Mink DeVille classic 'She's So Tough.' Check out the video clip, below - it's absolutely inspiring. After that you can see a great clip of Willy himself doing it with his band - and a killer band they were: Louie X. Erlanger, guitar; Ruben Siquenza, bass; Tommy Price, drums; George Cureau, keyboards; David Leathers, sax - all the way back in 1978, from the German Rock Palast broadcast. What's fascinating is how, when you compare the two versions, how uncannily similar both Willy and John's vocals are. Thanks, John, for reviving the memories. [By Fred Mills - Blurt]

John Mellencamp - She's So Tough
Lowell, Massachusetts - Memorial Aud. - Feb 3 2011

Mink DeVille - She's So Tough
WDR Studio-L Köln - June 16th 1978


  1. It's about time!!! So many great songs by Willy DeVille and so few covers.....now that Willy can't get out there and do it himself, let's see some steppin' up to the plate:)

  2. Thanks to everybody artist who performs Willy's brilliant songs! WdeV forever.


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