February 27, 2012

Famous Willy DeVille Pics - by: Patricia Steur

[Willy DeVille in the 80's a vintage Cadillac in Amsterdam (c) Patrica Steur 'See Ya']

Patricia Steur has been a successful independent photographer since 1980. In her career, tattoo and rock and roll play an important role. She has worked for many magazines photographing celebrities as well as photographing CD covers.

Her books include "The Rock Star Tattoo Encyclopedia" (1982) and "De Laatste Ridders" (1990), a book containing portraits of heroes who were decorated for their efforts during WW 2. This book was made into a documentary. A third book “Het leven is de Speelbal van de Tijd”, (1999) of black and white portraits of famous artists was also met with critical acclaim. “Made in Holland” (2004) was her 4th book about successful immigrants in Holland. Her photographic interests range from portraits of celebrities to tribal tattoos, from rock and roll to royalty.

Her portraits include rock and roll legends such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, various artists including Andy Warhol and Dennis Hopper, politicians and royalty. Many of these photos can be seen in her book “Selected Portraits” which was launched in conjunction with a successful traveling exhibition in 2005. Her passion however is in photographing indigenous people with tribal tattoos. She was able to work on a special project in this genre thanks to an invitation by Maori tattoo artist Gordon Toi Hatfield who is based in New Zealand. This collaboration has produced five successful exhibitions in The Netherlands. An exceptional book “Dedicated by Blood” portraying the renaissance of traditional tattooing in New Zealand was the final result. In November 2002 the book was launched in the Scheepvaart (Maritime) Museum in Amsterdam with an exhibition which was visited by over twenty-five thousand people.

Her book about rock and roll legend “Willy DeVille”, pictures and memories dating back to 1981 was launched during a rocking mini concert with the artist himself.

In 2005 she was awarded with the prestigeous photo prize “de Grote Paul”.

Her book “Dutch Beauty” came out december 2010. A book about powerful women from all walks of life in the Netherlands. Part of the revenues go directly to Medical Knowledge Institute of which Patricia is ambassador of visual arts, appointed by Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu. Since 1987 she has had 30 exhibitions of her work in Holland and abroad. Her 2009 exhibitions were in L.A. (LA Art Fair) and New York (Bridge Art Fair)2010 she exhibited at the famous Art Chicago with her work. In 2011 on the L.A. Art Fair again.

“People are my passion and black and white photography will always remain a very important facet of my work."

Patricia Steur's photography is incisive and definitive. Her work is passionate and always looking for hidden beauty.

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