November 26, 2010

Willy DeVille Video's on Facebook

Great new website!

Dear Willy DeVille fan,

I've started a new group called “Willy DeVille Video's” on Facebook, to share the 200 video's I've made of Willy DeVille, one by one. Also new uploaded video's, music and information that I want to share with you on this group. The credits are for a few persons who did a lot work and spent their time to keep Willy's music alive to share it with the fans. They gave me also the possibility to make the video's of Willy. I would like you to join the group, Just to get acquainted and eventually come back to become a member. Feel free to share your video's, photo's or other things of Willy there. In this way I connect the websites together, and give the fans the chance to see what they want with a click on a link.
Be welcome and enjoy! Willy DeVille Video's on Facebook

Greetings from Agnes.


Thanks for your message, we really appreciate it.
~ Just Your Friends ~